Why we are Happy on Republic Celebration

India on 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day every year because the Constitution of India came into force that day. It is celebrated as a national holiday in India which was declared a national holiday. Gandhi Jayanti and Independence Day are two other national holidays. Everyone wishes Happy republic day to their friends and Family. Also teachers and seniors. On 26 January 1950 our country became a fully democratic republic after the strengthening of the Constitution of India in the Indian Parliament.


This day is organized a grand parade of the Indian Army which usually starts from Vijay Chowk and ends in India Gate. The Indian Army (Army, Navy and Air Force) greets the President of India as they parade on Rajpath. Indian Army show the power of India through the parade and demonstration of all the great inventions like tanks and big guns. After the army parade, all the states of India show their Jhankis showing their culture and tradition. After that, a color sorting (our honorable colors of national flag like saffron, green and white) shower flowers takes place in the sky by aeroplanes.


Students celebrate this day in schools and colleges organizing great events such as Parade, Flag deployment, singing the national anthem, read the speech, playing the roles of freedom fighters, dance, sing, play drama, helping social campaign, contests contest, writing essays, exhibition Posters, magic, comedy activities, etc. They make this country a peaceful and developed country. At the end, each student gets sweet and Namkin and goes home happy.

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