Siddharth Rajsekar Course Review – 2023

July 27, 2022

Here is the Detailed Reviews of Siddharth Rajsekar’s Courses

Looking for a detailed review of the new course launched by Siddharth Rajsekar?

Then you are at the right place.

In this article, you will get a point-by-point review that will help you understand what’s inside the course and who is it for.

It’ll also help you decide for yourself if you want to avail the program and whether is it worth trying out or not.

Siddharth Rajsekar’s Digital coaching program is an innovative approach to the Online Coaching Industry models.

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This course is an Automation-oriented program that focuses on the development of YOU as the leader of your own Digital Hub.

NOTE: Before starting the review, I would like to inform you that I only recommend products that I personally use and test.

FYI: I have personally invested close to Rs 95,000 in Sidz’s courses and I am a privileged member of Sidz’s Leadership Council, which is the top-level membership in his training program. Also, I’ve set up this website, my personal website and my communities website after going through his courses. Thus, I can better guide you about Siddharth Rajsekar Training Program.

Alright then, without much ado let me share a detailed review of Siddharth Rajsekar’s Digital Coaching Program.

Freedom Business Model

What is the Freedom Business Model?

The ‘Freedom Business Model’ is a Digital Training Course that was launched by Siddharth Rajsekar in 2018.

The course teaches you how to set up your own Digital Community on the internet and help your audience accomplish their goals in a step-by-step form.

You are trained to become the Leader of your Digital Hub and convey your knowledge in the most simplistic way possible so your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed at any step.

Whether you’re a teacher, coach, or mentor belonging to any industry – if you have knowledge about a particular subject and want to create your own course, then Sidz will help you set up your own Digital ecosystem online and thereby monetize your valuable knowledge.

Siddharth Rajsekar’s course is designed by keeping the focus on Indian market.

But due to the universality of the strategies and techniques offered in the Freedom Business Model, it can work for any market just the same.

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Siddharth Rajsekar: Short biography

siddharth rajsekar pic

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a digital coach based in Bengaluru, India.

He is the founder of the ‘Internet Lifestyle Hub‘ community which is one of the largest communities for coaches, trainers, mentors, teachers, and experts across the world with over 15,000+ members.

Sidz has trained over 200,000+ people in the last 10 years in the digital coaching space.

He is also the architect behind ‘Victory Flag Ventures’ which teaches you strategies of the Affiliate marketing business model.

This lucrative model allows users to generate revenue by successfully marketing a business, where the remuneration provided is based on how successfully an affiliate is able to introduce potential customers to the particular business.

Siddharth’s program aims to create a competent digital expert equipped with the expertise and knowledge to run a digital business model that can significantly change the national corporate market.

Siddharth has been trained by Vick Strizheus, who is the owner and founder of the company – ‘The Four Percent’, a company that helps user develop their own business profile and hone their skills in online marketing.

Strizheus is globally acclaimed for his strategies in managing Internet traffic which is crucial to digital marketing.

Siddharth has been able to sell his business model quite profitably to a large market.

His revenues have surpassed 70 million INR by last year. He has over five thousand students, who are currently working with him to gain proper leadership experience in digital coaching and marketing.

Apart from working as a trainer, Siddharth Rajsekar himself is also a successful affiliate marketer.

His acumen is visible as a marketer who has promoted a lot of businesses and helped them reach a large target audience online.

You can follow Siddharth Rajsekar on various social media handles by clicking on the link below. He keeps sharing valuable nuggets about business and life as a whole which serves as a daily source of motivation!






My introduction to Siddharth’s course

I got to know about Siddharth’s Course in around 2019 and registered for his webinar.

I was thoroughly impressed by the value he provided on the webinar and could totally resonate with his mission.

The value he packs in his webinar and courses is extremely insightful and you won’t find anything that comes even close, at least as of yet, the time I’m writing this.

The aim of his courses as he describes is ‘Freedom’, where you have your own system setup that runs completely on autopilot.

The success of a course as he puts it is assessed based on how competently the course can help users to achieve a certain goal.

His courses are precise and goal-oriented, rather than feeding in superfluous information that has no value whatsoever with the goal.

So, after attending his webinar, I was convinced of the viability of the courses that he has to offer.

So I decided to enroll in level 1 of his coaching which is the ‘Freedom Business Model’ 

The courses are strategically organized into three levels of programs. (now 4)

You can attend the first or the basic level training in order to see for yourself the value of his training program.

Join the Free 3-day course!

If you find them useful, as I have, you can continue to the more advanced programs.

The first two levels were extremely insightful for me.

After attending the second level, which is a 30-days setup, I decided to continue to the third level of this program.

The third level is the most advanced level, where you can be a part of Siddharth’s Leadership council program.

The curriculum of Siddharth’s courses has a lot of commonalities with top-notch training programs offered by acclaimed digital marketers like Vick Strizheus, Blair Singer, and Sam Ovens.

Goal-oriented setup, the need to have your own digital hub with you as the leader, the need to create a collaborative digital space that will provide you with the platform to partner with different brands in your niche – these are some of the key points of Siddharth’s courses.

I have also availed the service provided by Vick Strizheus’ ‘The Four Percent’, and from my own experience, I can attest that Siddharth’s Freedom Business Model is as beneficial, if not more, as all the other first-rate Digital training programs that we find on the internet today.

A short overview of the courses

Siddharth Rajsekar has 6 levels of membership, as of now, in his Internet Lifestyle Hub (ILH) community. They are named as follows –

• Basic

• Silver

• Gold

• Combo (Silver + Gold)

• Diamond

• Quantum

So, the first level of his course is – the Freedom Business Model.

siddharth rajsekar

In this course, you will get a blueprint of the ‘Freedom Business Model’ that will help you understand the strategies and design that go into developing a Digital Training Course.

Other than this you will find a blueprint for niche clarity, a blueprint that will help you design a curriculum for your own teaching program, a Blueprint for the Freedom coach, a budget idea in the Freedom budget blueprint that will help you with asset management and maximizing output, and income blueprint that will help you estimate accurately the revenues your enterprise will generate, and the strategies that you can implement in order to reach the desired monetary output.

Other than this you will also find –

• Weekly live calls where you will get to know frequently asked questions regarding the business model and other relevant topics.

• Access to private groups that will help you network and create your own ecosystem with like-minded people who have similar interests as you.

• Access to the Freedom Hall of Fame where people share their success formulas, access to Freedom inner circle vault.

• The formula for funnel building.

The second level of this program is – the ‘Freedom Gold Membership’.

Freedom Gold Membership

At this level, you will have access to seven courses that are more advanced and will require a basic understanding of Digital Coaching.

The courses are extremely beneficial if you want to create your own Freedom model.

This course includes,

• Archives from Freedom hackathon

• Funnel Templates for your Digital Hub

• A Challenge in the form of a Freedom setup

• Skill development to manage internet traffic on Facebook

• Formulas that will maximize the sellability of your online webinars.

• Copywriting courses

• Ninety days to Freedom program

Freedom Diamond Membership

The third level of this program which is the most advanced level of Siddharth’s digital training course is – the ‘Freedom Diamond Membership’.

This constitutes a council of leading digital experts.

The goal of this program is not very simple, as the leaders with their skills and expertise have to influence a target of 10 million people with the knowledge they have achieved.

The members of the leading council are obliged to meet at weekly conferences to update the council on their own model, the personal strategies implemented, and the output.

These meetings are extremely important and are stored in the archives for future reference.

The aim of the leadership council is also to augment the state of digital training by constantly updating a database of knowledge that can be used to step up the business model and maximize its potential.

This project is an ongoing one that endeavors to create a live stream of knowledge that is always gaining new momentum.

Siddharth as his potential as the leader organizes the knowledge stream and updates the members with newer strategies and a more efficient course of action that will bring them closer to the goal.

He helps the members keep a tab on their progress and personally helps them with their programs.

He helps the members with Positioning and Core niches, Bonuses and product stacks, funnel creation and web system overviews, campaigning through online advertisement opportunities, etc.

If you want to be a member of Siddharth’s leadership program, these are the basics that are required of you –

1] Unflinching dedication to serve a humanitarian purpose

2] A detailed knowledge of the Freedom business model

3] Participation in the Freedom challenge courses

These are the courses that you will have access to if you are a member of the ‘Freedom Diamond Membership’ program.

• Contents from the leadership council under the Freedom program

• Mastery of automation skills (this is still being developed)

• Formulas that will help you build your own tribe (this is still being developed)

• The Academy for Freedom facilitator

• Weekly audit programs are scheduled every Monday.

There are 400+ members in this premium leadership program as of now.

The Franchise program that was launched by Siddharth under the Freedom Diamond Membership has been discontinued.

Among these programs, some of them are relatively new and have already gained a lot of popularity due to their value in augmenting the endeavor of digital coaching.

These new training programs are, Freedom Meetups and hackathons, a fast track, where the members can invest in Strizheu’s Internet traffic Academy, to keep a tab on your development with digital coaching and managing content online.

Pricing :

The Basic level membership comes with a free 3-day course which is currently being offered for a limited time. You can join the same by clicking the button below.

Join the Free 3-day course!

Upsells : 

The first upsell is the level 1 training which is the ‘Freedom Business model’. It is priced at Rs 7,999

The second upsell is the level 2 training which is the ‘Freedom Gold Membership’. It is priced at Rs 19,999

The third upsell is the level 3 training which is the ‘Freedom Diamond Membership’. It is priced at Rs 1,50,000 per year.

Pros and Cons of the course

Pros :

• High-quality training

• Weekly live calls to resolve any difficulty you may face

• Seven-day refund policy

Cons :

• Unavailability of live chat support. Only email support is available

• Various Upsell offers


So finally if you wish to start your own journey online and don’t know where to look for (as I was), you can enroll yourself in the free 3-day course which Sidz is offering currently. If you think the coaching is worthwhile and Sidz is the right coach for you, you can take a call accordingly.

As for my own experience, I am quite satisfied with my purchase because the training has helped me a lot in my own personal growth.

I have set up my this blog and my own personal branded website only after going through his courses. I am still learning and implementing the strategies that he teaches. 

What I like the most is the transparency he brings to his own business. Under his private membership area, Sidz shows us the complete insider view of his business model, how it works, what traffic sources he uses, what is his conversion strategy, etc

That serves as a huge motivation for all of his students and gives insights on how we can model the same strategies in our business. Sidz teaches what he preaches and that’s what I like the most.

So, if you want to enroll in a course that will help you develop expertise in digital coaching in a step-by-step organized manner, give Siddharth’s Freedom Model a shot.

However, if the price of the courses is not affordable to you due to some financial problems, you can watch relevant content on YouTube for free. But the content we have on YouTube is mostly unstructured and there is no coach or mentor to guide us through any difficultly we face.

By investing in a course like Sidz’ we get structured content with clear instructions on what path to follow which avoids overwhelming. Thus I highly recommend this course!

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